The Medical Research Foundation of Trinidad & Tobago

A Centre for Clinical
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The Medical Research Foundation is the largest HIV treatment and care clinic in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Served by a caring and professional cadre of staff, the multi-disciplinary team at MRFTT is committed to the highest standards of care, and as we provide a range of services to clients and their significant others.

For our patients

Persons living with HIV/AIDS are offered free medical, nursing, psycho-social and counselling services, as well as onsite laboratory and pharmaceutical facilities.

Dedicated to improve your quality of care.

Consultations and support via telephone.

Access a wealth of experience from our team of experts.

A comprehensive suite of services for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).

From our patients

I owe my life to the dedicated Doctors, Nurses and Staff of the Foundation who have shown through their kindness that love is the cure.
The most courageous and dedicated medical caregivers in the world, the staff of MRF.
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