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The need soon arose for Resistance testing and without these facilities being locally available, Professor Bartholomew fostered partnerships with the Ponce Health Sciences University, Puerto Rico, to perform Resistance testing for MRFTT clients. This relationship remains consistent to this day and has been pivotal and extremely important in informing clinicians due to the evolving complexities of HIV treatment.

Regional and international collaborations continued in the following years and would see the MRFTT become an active participant in the Trans-Caribbean HIV/AIDS Research Initiative (TCHARI), as junior and senior Caribbean scientists would work together to produce collaborative research as well as mentor-mentee programs.

Other international collaborations would be fostered with The University of California San Francisco’s Clinical Consultation Centre a.k.a. The Warm Line and The Lutheran Medical Centre in New York.

Staff development was gained at annual participation at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, and International AIDS Society conferences, where almost annually for many years, the MRFTT would be successful in having abstracts accepted for presentation.

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