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With the right treatment and care, people living with HIV can expect to live a long, healthy life.

As everybody living with HIV is different, what you need to do to achieve a healthy and full life will be unique to you. A healthy life with HIV starts with effective medication, an HIV care plan and a routine you’ll stick to. But more than this, it’s about you living well and thriving. It’s about feeling good in your body and mind, being able to pursue your dreams and ambitions, and having a positive outlook for the future.

Being empowered in your care and looking after your physical and emotional health and can put you on the right path. This section gives information on some of the possible options connected to maintaining a good quality of life.

The key to being successful when using HIV meds is adherence. Adherence means taking every single dose of medication, every single time.

It is crucially important that you inform your partner or partners about your HIV status and encourage them to be tested as soon as possible. HIV testing is available nationwide and yo ur partner can be tested at MRFTT.

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