Volunteering with HIV patients requires sensitivity and also a reasonable degree of background knowledge. Before making your decision, you should read up on the history of HIV/AiDS and have an understanding of how the disease has affected Trinidadian society. (Volunteer opportunities may change depending on our needs).
Volunteers are a vital part of MRF’s clinic mission to provide the best care to every patient. Because of their dedication, volunteers make MRF primary value — the needs of the patient come first — a reality. We would like it if every day, volunteers of all ages spend time serving patients and visitors in key areas throughout MRF Clinic. If you have the heart to volunteer, you will be fulfilled in a unique way. In giving, you will receive so much more.

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Greet our clients and visitors and connect them with the appropriate staff person. May include data entry for our programs, cleaning our office, building furniture, and other misc needs.