This is a guide to the critical duties and essential functions of the job, not an all-inclusive list of responsibilities, qualifications, physical demands and work environment conditions.

POSITION TITLE: General Manager
DEPARTMENT: Clinic / Administration
REPORTS TO: Managing Director


The General Manager manages the strategic and functional responsibilities for all Policies at the MRFTT. He / she will have overall responsibility for the administrative and operational Management of MRFTT.

The General Manager must be well organized and have strong decision-making capabilities, analytical and critical thinking skills, good interpersonal, administrative, and computer skills. He/she must also be able to use judgement, tact and discretion whenever appropriate. The General Manager must be able to work both independently and as a member of a multidisciplinary team, including supervisors, medical and administrative personnel. He / She is responsible for performing all duties and functions with due care, attention, confidentiality and integrity, consistent with the organization’s policies and procedures while delivering excellent customer service at all times.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

To perform the job successfully, the incumbent must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.


  • Oversees the daily operations of the Medical Research Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Review existing organizational strategies to ensure effectiveness and efficiency and develop proposals for new strategies for review by the MRFTT leadership.
  • Evaluates productivity and performance of subvention staff and implements strategies for improvement.
  • Provides administrative support and collaborate with consultants to facilitate procurement and programming needs.
  • Collaborates with heads of department on matters concerning personnel management, clinical, and related administrative processes and services.
  • Supervises the HR and Procurement Personnel and conducts performance appraisals as per organizational procedures.
  • Monitors and evaluate the administrative and operational functions of the MRFTT and represent any issues / challenges to MRFTT leadership as needed.
  • Ensure the timely preparation and submission of all quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports to the Ministry of Health.
  • Ensure the timely preparation and submission of the MRF subvention proposal and provide budgetary recommendations to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Liaises with Accountant to review invoices for operational and administrative expenditures to include pension payments.
  • Reviews/develops/upgrades the MRFTT organization policies and procedure manuals/handbooks governing all major decisions, actions, policies, and principles for the MRFTT.
  • Responsible for the management of petty cash to include reconciliation and overseeing of petty cash payments.
  • Liaises with the computer technician about hardware issues and access to server for new employees; part-time or full time.
  • Participates in discussions of broader MRFTT clinical issues and flag operational/ administrative implications where applicable.
  • Prepare and submit a monthly management and operations report to MRFTT leadership based on agreed up performance measures and documenting progress towards achievements.


  • Creates and manages an office-wide procurement system that addresses all functional areas of the MRFTT.
  • Coordinates and oversee the procurement services as it pertains to ordering of supplies for the organization.
  • Liaises with departmental heads for procurement to identify and synthesize procurement needs, thereby avoiding / reducing stock outages, and unforeseen shortages.
  • Reviews the contracting of suppliers / service providers as needed.
  • Oversees the procurement of furniture, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, office supplies, stationery, cleaning supplies, groceries
  • Ensures compliance with the Procurement Act, as the Accounting Officer.


  • Manages and oversee all facility service providers and contractors, to include the provision of advice and/or modifications to contractual arrangements as necessary, with the approval of the MRFTT Management.
  • Trouble shoot all emergent needs and /or issues with respect to the MRFTT facility.
  • Ensure that the MRFTT property (yard/car park) is maintained and the building (walls, ceiling) is clean.
  • Oversees and supervises all maintenance and repairs to the organization and equipment, while liaising with contractors and the relevant heads of department.


  • Maintaining the timekeeping and attendance system via HR Plus
  • Maintaining all Employees Personnel files
  • Managing leave administration via HR Plus
  • Updating and maintaining the Employee handbook
  • Recruitment and Selection- reference checks, letters of appointment and orientation.
  • Employee relations- disciplinary procedures
  • Maintaining the organization code of ethical conduct
  • Employee services- job letters, recommendations etc.
  • Ensures effective employee engagement

Required Qualifications


Masters in Business Administration with specialization in HR/Accounting /Finance.


  • Minimum of ten (10) years’ experience at the Management and strategic level performing similar duties.
  • Experience in Accounting/Budgeting/HR at a strategic level
  • Professional and demonstrated experience in working with private and government sectors
    organizations will be an asset.
  • Strong writing and presentation skills
  • Demonstrated track record of achieving performance targets and implementing process efficiencies through process improvements or system upgrades.


  • Managerial skills and leadership skills
  • Negotiating and conflict resolution skills
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking
  • Strong collaboration and team building
  • Excellent communication and customer relation skills
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office Suite and business software
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities effectively